Raspberry Pi – Relay Switches

I have been running one of my Raspberry Pi’s for a while now with a K8055 connected via a powered hub. For those that are not familiar with the Velleman K8055, it’s an interface board that has 5 digital input channels and 8 digital output channels. In addition, there are two analogue inputs and two analogue outputs with 8 bit resolution. The number of inputs/outputs can be further expanded by connecting more (up to a maximum of four) cards to the PI’s USB connectors. I bought this a long time ago and have never done much with it, but I recently found and have been sending command to the relay board remotely over a little web application, I have ordered some air/water valves so I hope to try to make some sort of automated irrigation system that’s based on the recent weather. Yet another thing to add to the list of projects, but it should be interesting to play about with