Metro Bootstrap - Another Time Saver

Metro Bootstrap – Another Time Saver

The past couple of days I have been coding a touch screen computer that I was planning on installing in the kitchen. It will display information such as weather, calendar events, shared account balance, house power usage and also control the home automation. But as the touch screen computer (a Raspberry Pi) will be running Linux I wanted to make an HTML interface so that I can show it on any device.  As I wanted an easy way to display information, tiles immediately came to mind. So after a bit of Googling I found the Metro Bootstrap. The Metro Bootstrap is almost identical to the Twitter Bootstrap (that I talked about here a few days ago) the only difference is all looks like Windows 8 .

Metro Bootstrap Tiles

Just like the Twitter Bootstrap its easy to use and you see a good looking UI come together in minutes. All the information about the different components can be found here. Well worth checking out in case you ever need to incorporate any Windows 8 like UI into a website.