Modern Jago

Modern Jago – A wonderful place

Modern Jago is a new space in Shoreditch where creative minds can come together to collaborate, learn, play and be inspired by the craft and passion of others. Myself and a few fellow developers spent a day there while attending a Windows 8 Design and UX Workshop.

It’s defiantly worth checking out the Modern Jago workspace (, it’s clear it’s meant as a creative space to get people talking about design. There are several rooms, but the main room where the workshop took place had two very large and impressive projector screens, each screen taking 6 projectors to fill the huge space! On them they were showing information on events, product information and loads of other stuff. It was a very powerful way for them to communicate information to you. In addition to this a small stage was setup with another large screen projected for the event to be present on.

Andrew Spooner presented the even with great enthusiasm showing off what the Windows 8 platform can bring to the table for both developers and end users. Andrew is a Creative Technologist, in the Developer Evangelism team for Microsoft.

During the Windows 8 Design and UX Workshop we got to play with a large variety of Windows 8 tablets and phones, the most impressive being a Surface that I hadn’t had much exposure to before now. We had a chance to familiarise ourselves with the devices, while Andrew gave us a quick run down of the devices he was currently using. After this we were shown all the features of the new Start menu and how it was made possible with the new controls that Microsoft had put in place. We were also shown how powerful the share and search features were, given a task to design an application using what we had learnt and generally guided through the concept of Windows 8.

The team at Modern Jago made a short video about the event here. I found the day overall very interesting and would recommend it to any one else that’s about to undergo a new Windows 8 application project.